YEMEN 2014

Training in archaeology and epigraphy

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As part of the research of the Italian Archaeological Expedition in the Republic of Yemen (MAIRY) for 2014 – funded by the MAE DGSP and Monumenta Orientalia – the research and training took place in Italy from September 30th to October 28th, 2014 under the direction of Dr Sabina Antonini. Thanks to this funding, Dr Khaldun Noman of the University of Dhamar and Dr Khalid al-Ansi of GOAM (General Organization for Antiquities and Museums) of Sanaa were able to join Dr Antonini’s team in Rome, Italy. Dr Noman worked with Prof. Alessio Agostini (Chair of Semitic Epigraphy in the Department of Classical Studies, “Sapienza” University of Rome) on the study of a number of South Arabian epigraphic texts. These inscriptions were found during the excavation of the Minean temple of Athtar dhu-Qabd at Baraqish (the ancient Minean city of Yathill, in Yemen) and are part of a larger documentation, both epigraphic and archaeological, which is now being studied for the final publication of the excavation report (campaigns 2003-2006). Regarding Dr Khalid al-Ansi of GOAM, he worked with Dr Michael Jung, Editor of the Islamic Sector of the National Museum of Oriental Art “Giuseppe Tucci” in Rome and Head of the IsIAO Archive of MAIRY Islamic Expedition. The objective of the training was the inventory and archiving of the rich documentation, including materials of various kinds (plans, drawings, texts and photographs), collected or made out by MAIRY in the years 1984-1987. Core of this collection is a documentation of more than 400 mosques and mausoleums, as well as materials on the town-planning of Yemen, on epigraphy, etc. Also for this research and training, within the Project of DGSP Yemen, it is expected a final version of the inventory and the publication of a catalogue with the main information on monuments of the Islamic era, accompanied by plans and photos.

More information about the dissemination activities can be found here