YEMEN 2017-2020

The Italian Archaeological Mission in Yemen. Excavations at Barāqish/Yathill. The Temple of ʿAthtar dhu-Qabḍ and extramural areas

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The aim of this project is the publication of the data of the archaeological research carried out by the Italian Archaeological Mission in the extraordinary Minaean city of Barāqish/Yathill, directed by Professor Alessandro de Maigret from 1986 to 1992 and from 2003 to 2007. The publication is critical since the site has suffered extensive damage during the recent (2015) aerial bombings carried out by the Saudi-led coalition. The temple of Nakraḥ was completely destroyed, and both the Temple of ʿAthtar dhu-Qabḍ and a portion of the city walls were severely damaged. This publication is aimed at a long-term preservation of archaeological data and images of monuments that may be completely obliterated. Further, these data are the only and irreplaceable source of information regarding this archeological site.

The generous support of The Shelby White and Leon Levy Program for Archaeological Publications (WLP) is therefore intended for the publication of the report of the latest excavations, restorations and overview studies. Besides the publication, thanks to WLP, a systematic digitization of the archaeological, graphic and photographic documentation of the Archives of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Yemen was carried out, and recorded in a database; this will be available on the website, easily accessible to scholars, and will become a unique resource for the archaeological heritage of Yemen.